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The first attempt to create a drama school in Georgia is related with the Schools of Drama in the Seminaries of Telavi (1782) and Tbilisi (1855), where by law it was possible to play “a comedy or any other conspicuous play once a week.” In the 1880 the Statut of the Dramatic Society was provided – “Hold theatre classes and temporary courses in order to prepare and train artists."

In 1912 Lado Meskhishvili attempted to establish drama courses, and set up regulations.

In 1918 Giorgi Jabadari founded a studio, where they brought up internationally acclaimed actors: V. Anjaparidze, U. Chkheidze, A. Vasadze, Sh. Ghambashidze etc.

In 1922 under the leadership of A. Pagava was established a Drama Studio, which according to the Resolution of the Council of People's Commissars from October 10th, 1922 (Protocol N 31) became the basis of the "Institute of Performing Arts". Studio members were enrolled to the second year. Also an additional enlistment for courses was announced.

The first rector of the Institute was Akaki Paghava, the artistic Director – Kote Marjanishvili, the teachers were prominent scientists: I. Javakhishvili, D. Uznadze, G. Chubinashvili, A. Shanidze, G. Akhvlediani, A. Natishvili. Theatre Directors: A. Akhmeteli, M. Koreli, the writers: K. Gamsakhurdia, G. Robakidze, N. Shiukashvili.

The structure of the Institute was composed of studios (instead of faculties) and classes:

A)    Drama Studio;

B)    Opera Studio;

C)    Class of Opera Choir;

D)    Class of Plasticity and Rhythmic Gymnastics.

In 1924 the first 21 students graduated from the Institute. Among graduates were: A. Khorava, V. Godziashvili, S. Takaishvili, T. Tsulukidze, M. Mrevlishvili, P. Kobakhidze, P. Kandelaki, P. Murghulia, G.Kuprashvili, N. Shengelaia, S.Chelidze etc.

In 1927 the Institute ceased to function. The new studios were formed. The studio of Rustaveli Theatre in 1927-1935, together with Sandro Akhmeteli was led by Akaki Vasadze, and later in 1935-1939 by Akaki Khorava.

The training program of the Studio and level of graduated specialists is equal to the modern college. The Studio had trained actors for the theatres of Batumi, Abkhazia, Osetia, Checheno –Ingushetia.

The Studio of Rustaveli Theatre in 1927-1939 has trained 152 actors.

A Studio was established also in Marjanishvili theatre, where D. Janelidze was working.

In 1933 A. Paghava established “Higher Courses of Performing Arts”. Film Actor’s Courses were founded at the ‘State Film Industry’  

On September the 1st, 1939, on the Akaki Khorava and Akaki Pagava initiative, according to the resolution of the Government, the Theatre Institute was reestablished on the basis of the Rustaveli Theatre and other Studios. The rector was A. Khorava, and the deputy rector - A. Paghava.

After A. Khorava the rectors were: D. Aleksidze, M. Kveselava, L. Kiknadze, I. Tavadze, E. Gugushvili, G. Zhordania, G. Lortkipanidze, G. Margvelashvili, N. Chkhaidze, G. Margvelashvili.

In 1992 the Theatre Institute was renamed the Theatre and Film State Institute.

In 2002 the institute was transformed into university.

The graduates of Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University have defined cultural development and character of contemporary Georgian theatre.

The Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University graduates greatly determined the character of the theatre of the twentieth century and development of theatre culture in modern Georgia.

In 2006 the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University was joined by the Ekvtime Takaishvili State University of Culture and Arts.

The University trains actors of drama and film, musical theater, puppetry, marionettes and pantomime, directors of drama, film and television, cinematographers, theatre and film critics, art historians, specialists of television and other media, choreographers, managers of tourism  and experts of cultural - educational sector.

Our students have gained international success and highest awards at various film and theatre festivals and competitions.

The Univercity has D. Aleksidze theatre, scientific library, laboratories, educational scientific institute, which prepares encyclopedias of Georgian theatre and cinema.

The Univercity has faculties of Drama, Film and Television, Humanities, Social sciences and Management and Georgian Folk Music and Dance, where over a thousand students obtain Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees.

The University played a huge role in training specialists of theater and cinema for the entire Caucasus Region. The University brought up specialists for Russian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Abkhazian, Ossian, Ingush, Chechen and other theatres. A number of now famous theatres were founded on basis of training and diploma performances of the University (such as Cinema Actors Theatre, Meskhetian Theatre, Theatre Metekhi, Akhmeteli Theatre, Theatre of Saingilo, Pantomime Theatre, etc.).

The University maintains creative and scientific relations with the universities in different countries.

The University traditionally trains specialists for special purpose which is a great contribution to the development of Georgian Regional Theatres.

The University publishes newspaper "Duruji." In 2005 – 2009 publishing house issued newspaper “Kultura”, which was a joint publication of three art universities. The Publishing “Kentavri” publishes text books, manuals, scientific works and monographs written by professors of the University and also the journal "Art Science Studies."

The Shota Rustaveli theatre and Film Georgia State University is located in two buildings: the first building - Rustaveli Ave. N 19-23, the second building – David Agmashenebeli Ave. N40.

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